Eleven Clouds


A Closed Letter

A Closed Letter, the July entry in the Eleven Clouds project, is a 3″ cd-r presented a vinyl pocket highlighting the above image. The recording contained herein utilizes an expansion of the network used in the previous installments. This network, pictured below, expands the amount of nodes, effectors and connections. It is in fact not too far from the example network in this article. though featuring several different nodes and a couple less interfaces. As far as Network Instrument theory goes, this network is fairly highly connected and features multiple sub-networks (a concept which will be covered in further articles). This expanded network leads to a fairly complex sound, with layers of interacting elements, that shift around the stereo field, sounds coming in and out, affected, mutated and interpenetrating other sounds. This of course is the crux of the network theory; interacting instruments which through interpenetration transcend their constituant elements. This piece thus serves as a concise example of a network instrument.


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