The third ihatemusic comp is now up and it once again features a track of my own generation. This is I believe the first track of mine, since the last ihatemusic comp. As with Comp II the comp is divided into two parts, this time it is Building and Butte (pictured above). My track, False Consciousness, is in the Butte section, though listening to Building now I have to say it is well worth downloading as well.  In fact the whole comp is, there is a lot of music there from people who are doing outstanding work. Be sure to check out Jesse Kudler, Ian Fraset, Tim Albro, Richard Kammerman, Dave Barnes, Graham Stephenson, Bryan Eubanks, Joe Foster and Vanessa Rossetto just for starters.  These folks are consistently doing strong work. And then of course there will be the hidden gems, so grab em all. One nice change this year is that all the tracks are available in lossless FLAC format as well as mp3, so I’d recommend grabbing those and burning your own CD.

So much thanks and congratulations to Grisha who put this together, and to “Olaf Oxleay” who did the webpages.