Robert j Kirkpatrick Ryōan-ji (Listen)

A new piece of mine, Ryōan-ji was posted yesterday on the Bagatellen group music blog. Al had asked me to record a piece explicitly for the Listen series just before I left the states for two weeks in Japan. While the Listen project isn’t field recording specific a lot of the entries have trended that way. I had come up with the idea of doing manipulated field recordings, what I was thinking of as Overlays, prior to my trip and I made various recordings around Tokyo and Kyoto with that in mind. One of the first things I did upon my return, with the sounds, feel and experiences of Japan still foremost in my mind was to make this recording for Listen.
BC16, voice recorder and mini amp
Chimera BC-16, voice recorder and mini-Amp

This is the most recent recording I have made and was created in two separate sections. The first part was field recording I made at Ryōan-ji temple in Kyoto Japan. I sat at the Karesansui for a good long while there and I let a simple voice memo recorder run whilst I was there.  I took that recording and ran it through a simple analog synthesizer which along with a bass guitar pickup I manipulated in real time listening to the recording. I then multi-tracked this with the original recording and did very basic editing and mastering.  Anyway that’s how this one was put together, I may make a few more of these with the remaining field recordings but for now, pop over to the Listen page and give it a check out.