Sushi self portraitIt’s been about a month in a half since I’ve returned from Japan and apart from my reports on the live music I saw there I haven’t posted much about the trip. I took a lot of photos there and I have been compiling galleries of said photos pretty much since my return. I took around 1800 pictures and I’ve culled these into about a dozen galleries.  This is still a lot of pictures so I’ve been pretty slowly making the galleries and uploading them.  I’ve divided these into four separate sections: Tokyo, Kyoto 1, Kyoto 2 and Miscellaneous.  So this is the first in a series of four blog posts about these separate galleries.  The galleries themselves are all hosted on my website and have thumbnails and larger pictures. I’ve added comments (of varying value) to each picture so I pretty much recommend clicking the first one in the thumbnail gallery and navigating through them all. They look far better at the large size and you will get more information about each picture then I’m going to write up here.

The view from my hotel window

Musashi-Sakai: This was where I stayed while in Tokyo. It’s a bit outside of the usual Tokyo tourist zones which was kind of nice. It was 9 stops up the Chuo Line from Shinjuku so still convenient enough. It was one stop from the Ghibli Museum stop.

Temple in the park at Kichijoji

Mitaki/Kichijoji Parks: When I visited the Ghibli museum I took the cute little “cat bus” there from Mitaki Station, but I walked back. I walked through a series of parks and actually ended up walking to Kichijoji and I took the train from there. As you can see in these pictures it was raining pretty steady this day.

Laputian Robot at the Ghibli Museum
Laputian Robot at the Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Museum: While it was the Amplify festival that finally got me to make my long desired trip to Japan, one of things I wanted to do most was visit the Ghibli Museum. Fans of Studio Ghibli will love this museum, it is like a slice of Miyazaki’s world made real. You can’t take pictures inside but it is absolutely perfect in there with huge amounts of stuff that will apeall to animation fans.

Streets of Shinjuku

Shinjuku: Being the biggest region nearby I spent a lot of time in Shinjuku. Which worked out well as it is kind of a microcosm of all the different Tokyo regions – it’s got modern skyscrapers, crazy electronic shopping areas, quaint little alleys lined with Izakaya and Yakatori stands, a crazy huge train station and so on.

Your humble narrator in front of the Imperial Palace
Your humble narrator in front of the Imperial Palace

Various Tokyo: Scenes from various areas that I didn’t take enough pictures warrant their own album. A bit of Kichijoji, downtown Tokyo and Akihabara.

So there’s a few pictures from Tokyo. I personally have kind of a hard time taking pictures with people in them, it always seems a bit rude. As there are always throngs of people in Tokyo I took a lot less pictures there then I did in Kyoto. Of course I did spend time every day at concerts while in Tokyo which is well documented in my Flickr Amplify Gallery.  The next couple of entries will be from Kyoto where I took more pictures in a third of the time.