My favorite Cage (and Tudor) photo

Today John Cage would have been 100 years old. This year has been filled with tribute concerts, writings and celebrations which are peaking this week. In celebration of this I will present several posts throughout the week documenting my own experiences, celebrations and debt to this great composer. There has been an excellent outpouring of material throughout the media and blogopsphere which for your edification I will present a selection of in this post which I’ll update throughout the week as more material comes out.

Some Reading

The John Cage Trust – The Big Day of the Week
Tim Rutherford-Johnson – For John Cage [a post filled with his collected posts on Cage]
Alex Ross’ The Rest is Noise blog – Cage=100 [a roundup of Ross’s Cage articles]
Anne Midgette’s The Classical Beat – Cage @ 100
Barrymore Laurence Scherer (WSJ) – Cage, Uncaged
 Monotonous Forest Blog – A Modest John Cage Centennial Tribute [using chance procedures to explore friends libraries]
Culture Monster on the LA Times – John Cage’s genius an L.A. story [good biographical overview with a focus on the early LA years)

Some Listening

• Music from Other Minds – Happy Birthday John Cage! [A musical tribute on this long running radio program]
• John Cage Obituary on KPFA Radio, August 12, 1992 – streaming audio at [a very moving program with many composers and musicians calling in as they hear the news]
• Closet of Curiosities (mp3 blog) has been doing posts all week featuring music to download:

– Updates about past posts featuring John Cage [a huge roundup of John Cage downloads]
– CageCentennial: In Honor of the 100th Anniversary of John Cage’s Birth (Collections 1 & 2) [a Cage mp3 mixtape]
– CageCentennial: In Honor of the 100th Anniversary of John Cage’s Birth (Collections 3 & 4) [a Cage mp3 mixtape]

Some Resources to round things out

John Cage Info – John Cage Database [the venerable John Cage Database]
• UbuWeb:

UbuWeb Sound: John Cage [hours of archival music]
UbuWeb Film & Video: John Cage [Nine films about John Cage]
UbuWeb Historical: John Cage [Writings, correspondance &c]